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Sorry for the lack of posts recently but half term seemed to go in a blur of trick or treat induced sugar haze. Seriously though, I had a lovely week with walks, cycling, Halloween activities, work, shopping and a few parties.

I have established I am a boot junkie as although there are quite a few pairs in the wardrobe unfortunately none seem to do the job of comfort and style, as in you can bear them all day. Well apart from hiking boots but they don’t count. Anyway I have been on a mission for the perfect pair of biker boots for a while. Now this sounds like an easy task but wasn’t as easy as it sounds. The problem is the plethora of studded strappy ones out there. I think less is more when it come to biker boots as the more classic they are they will last a bit longer fashion wise and also can be teamed with a variety of outfits. The height is also a major factor as I prefer more ankle than calf height. By the way I am not a fussy person really. As always I had my eye on a fabulous pair but would no one would have been getting Christmas presents.


Marc by Marc Jacobs shearling lined leather biker boot from Net-a-porter £485

Shearling-lined sounds so cosy and they fit the bill in the embellishment stakes. However being £485 they are just slightly out of my range.

Jules Biker Boot All Saints £175

Next up are these great boots from All Saints. The leather in these are fabulous and they tick the cool box. At £175 they are nearer the mark price wise. Although these lust worthy items are great I just didn’t want to spend that much so thanks to my friend for pointing me in the direction of these lovely babies.


Marlo Fur-lined biker boots from Topshop £42

Now we are talking. They are faux fur lined also so they are very comfy. The only drawback is they are not leather but they look great and are water proof so who cares. I have to say the online shopping from Toshop is a great service. They were delivered very quickly with no problems.

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