Last week I had the pleasure of attending Hoopers 30th birthday party with a few friends. Hoopers for those of you not familiar with the name is a luxury department store group located in quintessential English towns where the customer is at the heart of the shopping experience.

The evening consisted of canapés, vodka shots, Cava, a blues band, burlesque dancer, pop-up nail bars and of course lots of goodies. We did take advantage of the “unexpected” photo booth which left us in fits of giggles. We also tried on some of their fabulous clothing and while we didn’t get around to buying on the night I would say most of us will be back for Christmas shopping. Have a look at their offerings here.

Lulu Guinness clutch

Hoopers “the Unexpected” logo 30th Anniversary Party

tasty canapés

Beatrix Von Bourbon Burlesque dancer

Becca Langsford – blues singer from Cornwall

Cava refreshments

Lulu Guiness Shop window fitting in with “the Unexpected” theme

Vodka Ice Luge

Thanks again to our hosts Hoopers and the staff who were so attentive. It was a truly enjoyable night and we will definitely be returning.