It’s been such a relaxing weekend. Time was running out to have a spin on the big wheel before it disappears. It arrived after the Olympics from the Olympic village in London and its only here for a little while longer so we gave it a go. The day was beautiful and at sixty metres high the views from the sea front were stunning. The running commentary was very interesting as we were rotating. We topped that off with a Japanese meal on the way home. It was to die for. I had chicken teriyaki noodles and edamame beans. I have found my new snack. Apparently Victoria Beckham owes her 23 inch waist to snacking on these lovely babies. (Here’s hoping). First I need to find out where to buy them and them learn how to cook them.


Then on Sunday we finally got around to doing a car boot sale. I am so happy as its helping with the decluttering. Anything we didn’t sell I left at the recycling centre on the way home and tomorrow a couple of more bags go to charity. Hooray! I am starting to win the war against clutter.