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The little ones went back to school yesterday and I have a couple of unexpected days off from work. Bliss! What’s a girl to do. I was up at the crack of dawn and tackled the first necessary evil – housework. I’m not a big fan but hey I came away with a massive feel good factor. The reason being I have stuck to my original plan and yet another three rubble sacks of clothes and toys have been donated to charity. However, there is only so much a girl can take and the fact that we are having an Indian summer means it would be positively sinful not to spend the day by the pool. At the moment I’m basking in the sunshine and it’s impossible to even contemplate Autum/Winter fashion. I thought maybe today I would recap on my favourite bits of summer instead – Hippy Chic.

marieclaire.co.uk via wilanimalmodels.com

I love the styling from Marie Claire with Rianne Haspels in July especially the Clements Ribeiro top.